Guidelines for Generating Content

Guidelines for Generating Content

Developing Content

Why have a process for generating content? Well in short, to help strengthen the trust between your brand and your target audience. Consumers want to do business with brands that they trust and know can provide value. This trust can be built by creating content that is high-value, relevant to business objectives and lastly consistent to your brand identity. 

In order to grow/maintain the trust that is between your brand and your target audience, use the below content ratios to help ensure your content topics are well blended and not driving your audience away. Your company shouldn’t want to come off as too “salesy”. We’ve all encountered annoying sales pitches and that is not what we want to deliver to our target audience. 

Social Platforms: (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.)

50% – Value driven

30% – Relationship driven

20% – Sales/Promotion driven

Non-Social Platforms: (blog post, guides, ebook, infographic, email, etc.)

80% – Value driven 

20% – Sales/Promotion driven

Four essential elements to remember when generating content:

  1. What are your target audiences’ reading habits? 
    1. i.e. what time of day is your target audience most actively engaged on digital platforms? Which platforms do they tend to visit most? On which days of the week are they on these platforms? etc. 
  2. Analyze what your competitors are doing on these platforms and/or additional platforms that your company is not currently active on. 
  3. What are the trending topics in your industry? (i.e. great resource to use is Quora)
  4. How can you ensure SEO is being properly utilized in your content to boost your reach?

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