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I am Christine O’Neill, the founder and president of Main Street Marketing Group.

What do we do?

With experienced background and immense passion for digital marketing and brand strategy, it is our intent to provide small to mid-sized industrial businesses a competitive edge when delivering effective brand connections to your most profitable customers.

How do we do this?

We strongly believe effective marketing efforts start and end with Brand Strategy.

We take the necessary time to learn about your business as an insider. Allowing us to understand the roots of your company so that we can confidently portray your brand’s true identity.

We then dive deeper into the internal/external analysis stages of our research. Absorbing as much company and industry data as we can so that we can develop a customized strategic plan specific to your business objectives!

Why do we do this?

The digital marketing era is NOW, there is no way around it! Businesses either need to adapt or remain stagnant.

Small to mid-sized industrial business often do not have the time nor capacity available to focus on developing an effective digital marketing strategy.

At the end of the day, we go home happy knowing that we helped our fellow small to mid-sized businesses obtain their business objectives all while doing something we LOVE!


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