Build a Framework for Digital Marketing Content

Build a Framework for your Digital Marketing Content

Building Content Framework

 Time is valuable but so is your content! Agree? I think most would.

 Developing a content editorial calendar is an easy way for you to save time with all marketing efforts. Editorial calendars allow you to see an overview of content that was/is to be published for your company. Editorial calendars also provide your company the resources needed to make edits/approvals to content prior to publishing. You can create simple editorial calendars using Google Sheets or Excel Spreadsheets. Not spreadsheet savvy? That’s okay too, you can purchase MSMG’s Editorial Calendar Template to help get started.

 Step 1: Create your editorial calendar

 Step 2: Build a review system

1.     Editing

a.     Always review content for grammatical errors. You may not need it to be in perfect APA format as digital marketing content is usually a more conversational tone; however, checking for the usual spelling and punctuation errors are always valuable.

b.     Does the content follow your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices? Ensuring that your top searched SEO keywords/phrases are included in the content messaging will help increase reach for your content.

c.     Lastly and most importantly does the content align with your brand style guide?  

Unsure what your branding style is? STOP here and check out MSMG’s available brand strategy services first to help ensure that you have a clear understanding of your brand’s identity and who your target audience is.

2.     Review and Approve

a.     Delegate! Delegate! Delegate! Assign members on your team roles to help review and approve your content. You will need the following roles to be successful:

  • Content creator
  • Editor
  • Approver

Note, in MSMG’s management service packages you may utilize MSMG for creator/editor roles. This will help save your company time and resources.

b.     Establish the number of approvals needed prior to content publishing. It is recommended that all content is approved at least once by an individual other than the creator. These approvals can vary based on content sensitivity.

c.     Build approval tracking system within editorial calendar. Listed in your shared editorial calendar should be an approval tracking system. For example, color coding a content red when in ‘editing’ status, yellow when ‘awaiting approval’, and green when content is ‘approved’ and ready to publish. This will eliminate the error of publishing content that is not ready.

Guidelines for Generating Content

Guidelines for Generating Content

Developing Content

Why have a process for generating content? Well in short, to help strengthen the trust between your brand and your target audience. Consumers want to do business with brands that they trust and know can provide value. This trust can be built by creating content that is high-value, relevant to business objectives and lastly consistent to your brand identity. 

In order to grow/maintain the trust that is between your brand and your target audience, use the below content ratios to help ensure your content topics are well blended and not driving your audience away. Your company shouldn’t want to come off as too “salesy”. We’ve all encountered annoying sales pitches and that is not what we want to deliver to our target audience. 

Social Platforms: (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.)

50% – Value driven

30% – Relationship driven

20% – Sales/Promotion driven

Non-Social Platforms: (blog post, guides, ebook, infographic, email, etc.)

80% – Value driven 

20% – Sales/Promotion driven

Four essential elements to remember when generating content:

  1. What are your target audiences’ reading habits? 
    1. i.e. what time of day is your target audience most actively engaged on digital platforms? Which platforms do they tend to visit most? On which days of the week are they on these platforms? etc. 
  2. Analyze what your competitors are doing on these platforms and/or additional platforms that your company is not currently active on. 
  3. What are the trending topics in your industry? (i.e. great resource to use is Quora)
  4. How can you ensure SEO is being properly utilized in your content to boost your reach?

Have questions? Please feel free to reach out to us below!

10 Benefits of Outsourcing Digital Marketing

10 Benefits of Outsourcing Digital Marketing

Hey MSMG friends!

Digital marketing is an amazing, cost effective, way to build passionate brand connections and reach an audience that will strongly contribute to your company’s ROI – or return on efforts (ROE). Executing a digital marketing strategy, creating content, providing timely engagement and continual analysis on all platforms takes time and resources your company may not have.

Below is a list of the many benefits our clients get to take advantage of from partnering with MSMG. All of which free up the valuable time your company deserves to focus on your number one priority – your customers.

  1. Consistent marketing efforts vs staffing. Keeping consistent through the roller coaster peaks and lulls of business periods is important. As we can imagine, slow business periods are great for taking the time needed to grow your business; however, during the busy times it is easy to lose tractions with your most profitable customers. Utilizing a digital marketing agency can keep your presence and engagement levels consistent all year round and help contribute to the growth of your bottom line.
  2. Team of experts for a fraction of the cost. Did you know that the average base pay for a Digital Marketing Manager is approximately $77k/year? To execute an effective digital marketing strategy, consistency is needed. Therefore hiring a digital marketing manager role within your company is nearly inevitable to make this happen. Outsourcing your digital marketing efforts saves your company time, money and increases the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts as you have a team of experts dedicated to building passionate brand connections between you and your most profitable customers.
  3. New perspectiveKeeping digital marketing efforts in-house can restrict the ability of your company to find new customer problems (identifying new product/service niches) and/or identify where your most profitable customers are “hanging out”. Alert – cheesy analogy coming next! Outsourcing your digital marketing efforts is as if you are taking the blinders off the clydesdale for the very first time. The clydesdale, now, is able to use its instincts to direct the carriage to the end destination in a more efficient manner. Without using a cheesy analogy, outsourcing your marketing can help give your company a new perspective on its digital marketing approach.
  4. Return on Investment and Efforts (ROI/ROE)Digital Marketing Agency’s are focused on the growth of our client’s business. By outsourcing your company’s digital marketing efforts you are able to rest easy knowing that your return on marketing investment/efforts are the agency’s first priority as well. The agency and your company are both invested in the same end goal – growing ROI/ROE for your business.
  5. Innovating latest industry trendsDigital marketing agencies by nature are passionate about innovating new tactics that may strengthen our client’s strategies. As agencies are always learning new skills, adapting to new technologies and strategies – this provides a unique advantage to your company when outsourcing your digital marketing efforts.
  6. Helping to keep your eye on the ballImplementing a strategic marketing plan ensures that your company is able to plan, develop and execute on its goals and yield results. The effectiveness of this marketing plan increases when outsourcing marketing efforts as it allows your company to develop better strategies that are not bias to your company.
  7. OptimizationDigital marketing agency’s focus on proof of ROI. They are invested in your company’s growth and ensure every tactic, goal and strategy implemented is committed to the growth of marketing ROI/ROE.
  8. Do more with less effortAttempting to own all digital marketing efforts in-house may take a toll on the company ability to interact with the most profitable platforms at a time in which is most convenient to your customers. By outsourcing your company may be able to take on additional marketing channels increase content efficiency and increase ROI/ROE with less effort.
    Ultimately your company can take advantage of graphic designers, copywriters, social media experts all to automate your digital marketing efforts in one place, through a digital marketing agency.
  9. ExperienceDigital marketing agencies know what works and doesn’t work through experience – we are the experts in our field and are continuously learning/adapting to new digital marketing technologies/tactics. Utilizing strengths leadership and delegating digital marketing efforts is just smart business practice.
  10. Weed out the wasteful marketing softwareCompanies have access to thousands of marketing technologies but how do you know which software is useful and which is wasteful to your time and money? Outsourcing your digital marketing ensures your company is not wasting valuable time and money on marketing technologies that are not contributing to your ROI.